2016 ICT Eastbourne Learners

The Hour of Code is Coming!

The Hour of Code is just around the corner, December 5-11, and we’re already so excited about the millions of kids around the world who are expected to participate in this event.

Try this Halloween special Coding Halloween style


eSmart Week Tasks

You need to share your progress with me so I can use this in your reports. Anyone who doesn’t complete their tasks this week will have time during week 10.

Watch this short clip & then complete your year levelled task. (Have some fun attempting another level below yours if you choose.)

Grade 6: Complete Digital Licence       grade 6

(Use the link in my Widget) Extra tip about pop-ups settings: I’ll show you when everyone’s organised!

Grade 5: Quiz Comment underneath what you scored…(Then complete your Budd:e if you haven’t already. You will need evidence of your Budd:e saved into your images folders. Many of you completed this task during term 2.)

Grade 4: Complete ‘Zippep’s Astro Circus’ & then begin all activities for ‘THINK’. eSmart site Have the CRT mark you off once completed.

Grade 3: Read one of these books from NetSmartzKids 3 Stories netsmartzkids Navigate on the website. (If you haven’t complete the CyberSmart quiz yet please do that instead.

3 books ro read




Sports Science

Usain Bolt


Olympic Extension tasks for Term 3: Search for your sport of interest, read an Olympian’s page & message them! (Please show me before you click send message.)

Success Criteria: Searching via the link to find your chosen Olympian,  receiving an email back. Use the rubric to complete a PowerPoint Presentation about the Olympics. Incorporate the different learning goals set. For example; Excel-data about favourite Olympic sport or medal tally, research via google maps, create your own Mascot, Paint-Olympic rings using Paint-“what do they mean?”, etc.

Here’s a fantastic message Georgia emailed her favourite Olympian…Georgia r07

2016 Olympics News

Get to know Rio, host city of this year’s Olympics, in this with insight from locals. http://splash.abc.net.au/home?WT.tsrc=Email&WT.mc_id=Innovation_Innovation-Splash|Secondary_email|20160803#!/media/1436678/getting-the-lowdown-from-rio-locals

Learn why the Melbourne Olympics (the first ever held in the southern hemisphere) were so significant for Australia, in this history clip from 1956. http://splash.abc.net.au/home?WT.tsrc=Email&WT.mc_id=Innovation_Innovation-Splash|Secondary_email|20160803#!/media/1245246/preparing-for-the-olympic-games-1956

Then, explore altitude training and how it benefits athletes in this science video. http://splash.abc.net.au/home?WT.tsrc=Email&WT.mc_id=Innovation_Innovation-Splash|Secondary_email|20160803#!/media/1567735/taking-elite-training-to-new-heights


 Then play some curriculum-matched games about sport, like these English games about sumo wrestling, basketball or bike riding, or practise maths and English skills with these sports quizzes.


See your year level page for this terms goals…

Video Game Challenge

WALT – We are learning to… so is pretty much the learning objective/goal. (Make a comment under your grade page)

  1. Learning Goals:

WILF – What I’m looking for… so essentially how children are going to show that they’ve met the learning objective. (When you’ve made progress, comment under your grade page.)

  1. Practice:


  1. Proof:

WILT – What I learnt today…(please make a comment or reply to your WALT underneath your grade level page. Sometimes it may be different to your WALT and that’s fine!)

  1. Reflection:

Read through other peoples comments & get ideas. Also, I have relied to yours from last week so see if yours was perfect. Those students who perfected 5F please see me for a good chance!


Have you had your contract signed and discussed with your parents/carers?

You will need;

  • To collect your parents/carers email address & add it to your address book within your Netspace account
  • Have your parents/carers subscribe to our blog (We have had a workshop about this, if you were away let me know!)
  • Discuss the rules/policies about ICT protocol-have the contract signed & brought back to school
  • Set up your accounts (See your grade level page)
  • Create your new avatar using this link (be sure to reset mine first)Cartoon Avatar

ICT will continue with workshops running throughout the sessions, (when the need arises), and Rubrics will be set for you to work through. Your aim is to demonstrate growth within the semester. (6 months)

Complete pre-tests & set goals you wish to achieve.

This will be communicated through emailing/blogs and reflections via the comments at the bottom of the “Parents/Teacher/Student Reflection page”. I will be expecting you to do this at least twice a term.

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